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What influenced your decision to introduce
the Royal Jet Brokerage service?
The introduction of the Royal Jet Brokerage
reflected our commitment to customer service and
our desire to exceed expectations. On occasion, the
demand for our aircraft was greater than what we
could accommodate, so we decided that instead of
turning away our esteemed VIP clients, we would
introduce a service that would provide our clients
with the option of travelling with one of our
trusted regional partners. By offering the Royal Jet
Brokerage, we have been able to boost our
operational capability while also providing our VIP
clients with a greater freedom of choice.
In an increasingly competitive private
aviation market, how has Royal Jet retained
its position as an industry leader?
Royal Jet possesses a self-challenging culture as the
entire organisation is continuously striving to do
better and reach new heights. It is this shared
mentality that has allowed us to effectively
maintain our market share regardless of increased
competition. The Royal Jet team is also comprised
of the best in the industry and many of our staff
have trained or worked in the highly demanding
programs of the Presidential Flight Authority.
What prompted Royal Jet’s decision to
undertake the $9 million refurbishment of a
Business Boeing Jet?
As I mentioned earlier, Royal Jet operates very
much like a 5-star hotel and like every luxury hotel,
we must take on a face-lift now and then in order
to acquire the latest technologies and keep our fleet
modern. All of this is a collective effort to provide
our VIP clients with the highest quality of service.
How does Abu Dhabi compare as a global
aviation hub?
First class. The Abu Dhabi government has
ensured that Abu Dhabi be effectively developed
into an uncompromising aviation destination in
order to meet Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision. With the
likes of Mubadala Aerospace and Abu Dhabi
Aviation driving development, there is no doubt
that Abu Dhabi ranks as one of the finest aviation
destinations in the world.
As a resident of AbuDhabi, how does the city
appeal to you?
I could not dream of living anywhere else simply
because Abu Dhabi has everything that an
expatriate could desire. There is always something
happening in the city and it never ceases to amaze
me how Abu Dhabi appears to grow and improve
every week!