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while these accompaniments are great, the main thing is still the cod. When you
taste it, it’s just incredibly delicate, and very, very delicious!
When you realise Shaun Anthony’s background, then you can see how this
passion for sourcing the very best from across the world has developed. Fluent
in English, French and German, Anthony is a genuinely international figure,
and he’s worked at some of the world’s best restaurants. He began his career in
1999 at Aurora’s Restaurant in Canada, following this with positions as Senior
Chef de Partie at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London and as Private Chef to
the Vaviloffs – the family of the former Russian Minister of Finance. Most
recently, Anthony has been Chef de Cuisine at The Cliff, and has worked at
The Sentosa Resort & Spa in Singapore and at the Napa Kitchen Restaurant in
Shanghai, China.
Incredible luxury
Fish is the focus here, but it certainly isn’t all they do. In fact Anthony’s signature
dish is something a little different. Make that very different: it’s foie gras parfait.
For many people, foie gras in itself is quite luxurious enough. But showing his
constant desire to find the very best in food, Anthony has taken things further.
This was something that we did not want to miss out on. So Jordana ordered it
and when the dish emerged, I have to say that we couldn’t quite believe our
eyes. The parfait is served in a grape jelly, with an almond brioche crumble,
together with an espresso soil, cinnamon mousse, marshmallows, and then – as
it that wasn’t impressive enough – foie gras ice cream. It’s incredible!
We both tasted this opulent dish and we were absolutely amazed. It’s like
nothing in this world - the flavours are so refined, so complex and so well
balanced. When we enquired about how it was made, we found that - naturally
- every component of the dish is the result of hours of attention and care. The
grape jelly, we were told, was made using top quality French grape, with cloves,
cinnamon, nutmeg, agar agar and gelatine. And the foie gras itself? That gets
dipped in the jelly and then refrigerated. The almond brioche begins life as an
almond crumble, which is grated, then baked in order to create a really fine
powder. The espresso soil is then made using a similar method with the best
quality Kenyan coffee beans. And now for the really amazing part...the foie gras
ice cream. It’s made by adding standard ice cream ingredients (milk, sorbitol
and glycerine) to the luxurious goose liver, and then churning them together.
Once all that’s been done, all that remains is to add some sea salt and fresh purple
chiso, and prepare for your diners to be gobsmacked!
Having tasted these dishes, I’m really excited about what Anthony can do at the
Emirates. Since arriving at Sayad, his finesse and talent have been recognized
with a ‘6 Stars and 7 Stripes’ award from the prestigious International Hotel and
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