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Dolce sampler, Toscano chocolate mousse, honey roasted pear, mascarpone icecream, berries
Emirates Palace Barbeque Al Qasr - Crab Cake
Jordana ordered an aseeda: it’s a traditional pudding made with flour and water.
Ebdowa makes theMezlai version special by adding not just cardamom and sugar,
but also rosewater syrup, and saffron. Then for the best part: instead of the
traditional clay pot, the Mezlai aseeda is served in a martini glass! Jordana assured
me that it tasted as good as it looked. Mezlai means ‘old lock of the door’, and
our food tonight had certainly unlocked the mysteries of our country’s native
cuisine to us tonight. To accompany our desserts, we drank tea flavoured with
cardamom – wonderful.
Even better than before
The Emirates Palace celebrated the success of Mezlai by awarding Ebdowa the
Honorable Chef of The Year award, in honour of his role in disseminating
traditional cooking techniques. And that isn’t the only prize that’s been won
around here: Wolfgang Fischer won Best Chef in the Gourmet Abu Dhabi 2011
Awards. Receiving the award, Fischer said, “While I personally have received the
title of "the best chef", the real win remains to the Emirates Palace, for its
numerous numbers of awards.”
We couldn’t agree more. Our stay at the Emirates palace was now over, and we
reflected that it hadn’t just been a journey around the hotel, but a journey around
the world. To witness the care and skill that the teams of chefs put into their food
here is exciting, but in the end it’s also incredibly humbling. And just as
importantly, such gastronomic extravagance is combined with the hospitality that
you come to expect in this part of the world. It was exceptional. And what was
most unbelievable of all is that we had only sampled six out of twelve restaurants
– that’s just half of the culinary riches that this incredible place has to offer.
So, we had finally come to an end of a trip which encompassed an almost
unbelievable range of sumptuous cuisine. Has anything changed since we last
came? Yes: I didn’t actually think this was possible, but it’s got better than before.
Emirates Palace still oozes an energy that can only be described as magical,
beautiful and peaceful. It will always be one of our favourites.
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