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After starting with vibrant salads, fresh Tuscan olives and focaccia bread –
APi CAE has its own artisan bakery on site - we had a really hard time
narrowing down which main dishes to go for. The restaurant specialises in
the finest traditional Italian cuisine, like healthy homemade Italian bread,
risottos and pasta dishes. But after seeing the pizzas, I decided I would have
to go for one of these. The Quattro Formaggi, Margharita, and Pepperoni
all looked great, but eventually, I opted for one with a topping of buffalo
mozzarella with cherry tomatoes and rocket.
Ingredients of this quality speak for themselves: all the adornment my dish
needed was a splash of oil, and from the first taste I was caught between a
desire to savour every mouthful, and another one to eat it all as quickly as
possible! Jordana went for another Italian classic: a hearty, full-flavoured
lasagne. After trying a little of each others’ meals, we wondered if we had
made the right choice - before concluding that it was impossible to decide
and that we would have to come back. We both ended the meal with a
deliciously rich and creamy Tiramasu.
This kind of eating experience just hasn’t been possible in Abu Dhabi
before: so I can see exactly what the Sous-Chef Storti means when he says
he wants to take Italian food ‘to a whole new level’. He doesn’t seem to
have overlooked any detail in his search for perfection. He’s worked
extensively across Italy and has put together an entirely Italian team of
kitchen staff. He wants the restaurant not just to be about eating great food,
but also to educate people about Italian cuisine and to champion quality
“Our Italian kitchen staff will bring not only a wealth of experience to Abu
Dhabi but the true spirit and essence of Italian cuisine, which is about
simplicity and quality.’ Stortio has said.
A zest for life
Perhaps the best thing about Italian food is that it is bound up with a culture
that has a wholehearted love of life: it has been encouraging conversation
and friendship for centuries. We could see that APi CAE is already
succeeding in bringing this infectious vivacity to AbuDhabi: the 5000 square
foot restaurant is open all day, serving breakfast, coffee, lunch and dinner.
It has the capacity to serve 150 people per evening, and on our visit the
atmosphere was genuinely buzzing: it was a clearly a great place for couples,
families and friends to relax, share jokes and simply unwind.
It seemed that the restaurant’s co-founder and chief operating officer
Gergana Konova had achieved her aim. She said just before its opening that
bringing the restaurant to life has been a labour of love:
HH Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
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