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well as developing the country’s infrastructure and education system. His son,
His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, was also involved in the
negotiations over the creation of the UAE.
Vibrant Sharjah is a beacon of culture within the UAE: it hosts an annual book
fair for authors, publishers and literary enthusiasts, as well as the Sharjah Biennial
for film creators and enthusiasts. It also boasts myriad museums - which exhibit
on Islamic studies, natural history and more. The third-largest Emirate, Sharjah
controls several sea ports on the eastern coast, which means it is the only Emirate
to share borders with all the others.
His Highness Sheikh Khalid binMohammed Al Qasimi (1931-1972) is Sharjah’s
founding father. He became Ruler in 1965 after his cousin, HH Sheikh Saqr bin
Sultan, was exiled. HH Sheikh Khalid participated in talks to create the federation
from an early stage. He was killed in an attempted coup the year after the UAE
was formed – after which his brother- His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin
Mohammed Al Qasimi - eventually succeeded him.
Ras Al Khaimah
Sitting at the very top of the UAE on the border with Oman, Ras Al Khaimah was
the last Emirate to join the UAE, waiting nine weeks after the initial agreement
until February 1972. Ras Al Khaimah may not have the oil that some other
Emirates enjoy, but with a host of other enviable advantages it is set for success in
the twenty-first century. Superbly positioned on the Strait of Hormuz, it sees forty
per cent of the world’s oil pass by. It is the UAE’s biggest producer of cement, and
in 1980 founded Julphar, the first pharmaceutical company in the Gulf. The Awafi
festival each spring, with sporting events, cultural exhibitions, and drama
performances over a period of three weeks, is just one more reason why Ras Al
Kaimah’s name - meaning ‘top of the tent’ - is appropriate in more ways than one.
His Highness Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi (1918-2010) is Ras Al
Khaimah’s founding father - he ruled the Emirate from 1948 until his death.
Although Ras Al Khaimah was the last Emirate to join the UAE, HH Sheikh Saqr
chaired the Trucial States Council and was a key player in the original discussions
in which the UAE’s formation was discussed. HH Sheikh Saqr introduced
progressive measures such as making education mandatory for girls: the country’s
economy and social conditions improved under his rule. When he died in 2010,
HH Sheikh Saqr was the world’s oldest reigning monarch, aged 92.
When you experience the Emirates, we believe you will truly understand our
definition of the UAE as “The Seven Shining Stars”. Seven individual Emirates,
each one with character, charisma, elegance and beauty, that shines with such
spiritual and tranquil magnetism to anyone who can see the light. All that is left
to say is Love Life, Love the UAE.
Welcome to Simply UAE and in this issue experience some
of the wonders of the delightful Dubai.