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No rooms, just suites
Usually when you want to stay at a hotel, you ask whether you
can book a room. But you don’t do that at the Burj Al Arab,
because here there are no rooms. Or to be more precise, every
room is a suite. On this occasion, ours was a duplex on the 12th
floor - room 1203 - and as soon as we got there, we went straight
to the bedroom window to marvel at the spectacular view,
looking out over the expansive ocean. We could also see the
famous world development. It halted a few years ago, but the
situation is now known to be getting noticeably better: work
had recommenced and seemed to be getting into full swing.
At 321 meters above sea level, Burj Al Arab is the tallest all-suite
hotel in the world. It stands proud as one of the tallest buildings
in the world and the tallest single structure on a manmade
island. Visible from almost everywhere in the city, the island is
linked to the shore by a gently curving causeway. It was little
wonder, we thought, that Dubai is now one of the world’s top
holiday destinations. After all, it has perennial sunshine, world-
class leisure, first-class hotels and a mixture of rolling
desertscapes and dramatic shoreline, where white sands meet
the Arabian Gulf. But most conveniently, it is only 45 minutes
drive away from Abu Dhabi.
The bedroomwas on the first floor of the suite, alongside a large
bathroom, shower and Jacuzzi. (There was also another
bathroom on the ground floor). The bathroomwas wonderful,
spacious and fabulously designed. But it’s sometimes the little
touches that make all the difference.
So we just have to mention that every day the bathrooms were
replenished with complimentary Hermès His and Hers
toiletries. That’s shampoo, shampoo conditioner, body lotion,
bath tablets, and soap: and every time it was replenished for both
of us each. His and Hers versions of everything – wow! And
not the small bottles - the full retail size versions.
And that was just the beginning of their amazing generosity:
every day at 6pm complimentary amenities were provided:
smoked salmon, sushi, sandwiches, an array of canapés which
included items like mini quiches, the finest olives stuffed with
mushrooms and even one day the rarest truffles. Even better,
every day we were also given 2 complimentary drinks. We had
a choice of alcohol or non-alcoholic, and we always went for
the non-alcoholic version.
And that wasn’t even the start of it. Every night during the
turndown service a gift was left for me and Jordana. The first
night there was La Prairie Caviar Crème and Sleeping Lavender
Spray - each individually gift bagged on either side of the
gigantic bed. (And let’s not forget that the bed itself would
accommodate a family of 4 with ease – OK, a slim family!)
I think it’s about time that I mentioned that the interior design
of the hotel, both within and outside of the suites, is absolutely
sumptuous, with a robust and vibrant colour palette seemingly
derived from the elements; earth, air, fire, and water. We learned
that the finest and most exclusive materials were used for
finishing the interiors of Burj Al Arab, and fittingly for a place
that is utterly dedicated to quality, they have been sourced from
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