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all over the world. Custom made carpets from South Africa and India; marble
from Brazil and Italy; wooden doors from Dubai and chandeliers from the UK
were amongst the fine items brought in to create the magical interiors.
Our bedroom was just astounding: it had a lounging area and mini bar, and
several complimentary bottles of imported Evian water were left throughout the
suite every day. If that doesn’t sound like a lot to you, then consider that imported
drinking mineral water can cost as much as fuel in theMiddle East! The bedroom
also had a hidden 42 inch LCDTV, which would reveal itself from the bar cabinet
with a push of a button on the universal remote. This remote also happened to
control the lighting, sounds, air conditioning and had the option to open the front
door to the suite should our butler or guests ring the bell. Yes, did I not mention
that we had our own butler!
The phones were interactive too, placed throughout the suite, and they also
controlled the door. So if our butler was knocking on the door or pressing the
doorbell, the exterior camera outside our room (and every room) would kick
into play and showcase the visitor on our screens on all TV’s throughout the
room, and the phone would also ring simultaneously. Every time we left our
roomwe would pass the butler station and were always greeted by the appointed
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