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So the room, of course, exceeded all of our
expectations. But once we stepped outside, too, we
were amazed by what we saw. For example, situated
between the escalators leading to Sahn Eddar was a
really beautiful waterfall bringing together finely
atomised water with fibre optics to produce a
spectacular kaleidoscope effect. Neither of us had
seen anything like it! As water and fog flow
downward through its glass, stone-filled steps, the
water arches elegantly in a skilfully choreographed
And the wonderful atrium of the hotel is the
world’s tallest: over 180 meters in height. It is
flooded by a gorgeous warm, natural light, and
flanked by golden columns, with a beautiful central
fountain where water arches dance in sudden bursts
over 42 meters into the air. The rarest Statutario
marble - the very same kind that was used by
Michelangelo when creating his masterpiece
sculptures - was used in the hotel’s walls and
flooring. Amazingly, we were told that over 30
different types were used throughout the entire
hotel, covering nearly 24,000 square metres: that’s
an incredible 10,000 square metres of smooth
marble flooring in suites and lift lobbies and 13,000
square metres in public areas. And alongside this,
there’s 1,590 square metres of 24-carat gold leaf.
We hope you can now understand why the Burj Al
Arab building is now acknowledged as being
among the very finest in the world. Like the
Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, it is renowned as a
world leader in its opulence, in the quality of its
architecture, and in its absolute attention to every
detail that will enhance the experience of its guests.
It’s an exceptional place that becomes your home.
Big thanks to Mr Heinrich Morio – the Hotel
General Manager and his magnificent management
team, led by Mrs Detria Williamson – the
Marketing Mogul who keeps the Burj brand fresh
and fabulous. Most of all, we tip our hats with the
utmost respect toMr Gerald Lawless the Executive
Chairman at Jumeirah Group, the company who
built and operate this prestigious property, a truly
remarkable visionary whose work ethic and passion
could only be described as highly commendable
and brilliant, just like the Burj!
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