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Lange & Söhne’s latest masterpiece of haute horlogerie unites
two classic complications with the expressive Lange 1 style.
Thanks to an ingenious arrangement of the calendar displays
around the time indication, the Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar
presents an abundance of information in a superbly legible layout.
The off-centre configuration of the Lange 1 dial offers ideal
prerequisites for the integration of a perpetual calendar. This is because
the calendar displays can be neatly positioned outside the hour and
minute circle without compromising the readability of the time
indication in any way. On the face of the Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual
Calendar, the integration of the calendar is so harmoniously balanced
that the complication suggested by its name is not obvious. Only a
modest inscription at 12 o’clock refers to the tourbillon with the
patented stop-seconds mechanism. The equilibrium of the dial
provides no further clues regarding the technical complexity and
immense engineering effort behind the development of this
horological magnum opus. The tenth masterpiece to be added to A.
Lange & Söhne’s most famous watch family embodies fundamentally
new mechanical solutions.
To create the prerequisites for integrating a calendar in the dial
architecture of the Lange 1, the manufactory’s calibre designers devised
the very first rotating peripheral month ring ever implemented in a
wristwatch. The underside of the ring has recesses of different depths
for the respective durations of each month and features an innovative
sampling mechanism. This one-of-a-kind design has been registered
for patent.
All displays of the perpetual calendar – the outsize date, the retrograde
day, the month ring, the aperture leap year, and the moon-phase
indication – switch instantaneously and thus always deliver
unambiguous readings. The mechanism is designed such that it must
only be advanced by one day on March 1st of the secular year 2100.
And the moon-phase display will even run true for 122 years before it
needs to be corrected by one day. Corrections are easy to performwith
recessed push pieces that allow the calendar indications to be advanced
individually or collectively.
One objective in the development of the Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual
Calendar was that nothing should obstruct the legibility of the
indications on the dial. The determination to achieve it came at a price:
the dial has no aperture for the tourbillon. But the refined complication
can be admired in all its technical immaculacy through the sapphire-
crystal caseback. Here the filigreed cage rotates about its axis once a
minute to eliminate the influence of gravity on the balance wheel and
its eccentric poising weights. Combined with the proprietary Lange
balance spring, it assures an extremely high degree of rate accuracy.
Both components are exactly matched to one another to
achieve optimised precision at the movement’s
rated frequency of 21,600 semi-oscillations
per hour. The patented stop-seconds
mechanism makes it possible to
instantly block the balance inside
the tourbillon cage at any time
by pulling the crown, so the
watch can be set to one-
second accuracy.
efficiency of the new
automatic calibre L082.1 is
attained with a heavy
central rotor whose middle
segment with the embossed
A. Lange & Söhne signature
is made of 21-carat gold. The
platinum centrifugal mass on the
outer periphery of the rotor has an
even higher density than gold, so it
imparts extra momentum to the winding
process. Thus, even the slightest motion of the
wrist is converted into winding energy. The result: the
maximum power reserve of 50 hours is available after a very short time
on the wrist.
The movement is endowed with many iconic Lange-style quality
hallmarks such as the movement parts lavishly decorated by hand,
the free-hand engravings on the tourbillon and
intermediate-wheel cocks, and the four gold
chatons secured to the plate with thermally
blued screws. The upper part of the
tourbillon cage receives what is no
doubt the most sophisticated and
time-consuming type of
finissage: It is called black
polish, which on this tiny
but elaborately convoluted
part can require up to five
days of work. The
crowning touch of Lange
watchmaking artistry is
flawless diamond endstone
which serves as a bearing for
the tourbillon. It is a
reminiscence of historic Lange
pocket watches that belonged to
the high-end “1A” category.
The so far most complicated member
of the Lange 1 family is available in a pink
gold or platinum case with a diameter of 41.9
millimetres. The strict limitation of the platinum
version to an edition of 100 watches underscores the exclusivity
of this extraordinary timekeeping instrument
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