Breguet anniversary: ‘Inside
every woman is a queen...’
he trip to the beautiful Gulf of Naples was in aid
of a double celebration. It was the 200th
anniversary of the first ever wristwatch,
commissioned by Breguet for Carolina Murat, sister to
Napoleon and Queen of Naples in 1830.
The second celebration was the showcasing of the
spectacular newReine deNaples, the luxury watchmaker’s
ten-year special anniversary collection.
The breathtaking Reine de Naples collection was revealed
in an equally stunning setting, the Reggia di Capodimonte
in Naples – the perfect location to first show a collection
fit for royalty. The grand palace was formerly the summer
residence and hunting lodge of the Kings of the two
Sicilies, and was also called home by Caroline Murat,
Queen of Naples herself. Presently it houses the National
Museum of Capodimonte and an impressive art gallery.
On Friday 5th October 2012, the Reggia de Capodimonte
played host to Breguet CEOMarc AHayek as he revealed the
Reine deNaples special anniversary collection to VIPs, friends
of the brand and media. We were immersed into a journey
though the history of the revolutionary Breguet brand.
Breguet has always been favoured by royalty and key
individuals in history: including CarolineMurat Queen of
Naples, QueenMarie-Antoinette of France, theMarquise
de Condorcet and Empress Josephine, to name just a few.
So over 200 years ago, when Caroline Murat
commissioned the first ever wristwatch it is no surprise
that she choose Abraham-Louis Breguet to deliver, which
he did in 1812 for a handsome fee of 5000 Francs.
It took two years, the involvement of 17 highly skilled
artisans and 34 operations to create this one-of-a-kind item
from a vision. 200 years on, the extraordinary Breguet
brand is still every bit as revolutionary.
Marc AHayek then brought us back to the present and the
next celebration, the 10 year anniversary of the wonderful
Reine de Naples collection.
With a distinct, beautifully feminine style, the Reine de
Naples is Breguet's collection for women. It strives to and
succeeds in keeping the original spirit of the first ever
wristwatch, as well as demonstrating the perfect marriage
of exquisite refinement and mechanical complexity.
To mark this momentous double jubilee a new Reine de
Naples special anniversary model was then unveiled. The
geometry of the bridges, the oscillating weight and the
decorations through the sapphire crystal back of the watch
came together to form the image of a garden pavilion
identical to that of the stately residences of CarolineMurat.
The bezel and the snap of the watch alone are embellished
with 28 brilliant cut diamonds and 27 blue sapphires. The
silvered gold dial and its flange are paved with 233 brilliant
cut diamonds, with the addition of 303 blue sapphires.
This extravagance not only creates a subtle colour
graduation, but also adds to the imposing, regal nature of
this timeless piece.
And that's not all. To complement the special anniversary
wristwatch, a complete Reine de Naples jewellery set
comprising of a breathtaking ring, a stunning pair of
earrings, an elegant necklace and a spectacular tiara. Each
of the remarkable pieces is in 950 platinum –the noblest
and most resistant material found in jewellery today – and
features a regal oval-blue sapphire surrounded by two
ovoid rings paved with baguette-cut diamonds.
That evening was the official Breguet soirée. We enjoyed
non-alcoholic drinks on the rooftop of the superb Capri
Palace, a boutique hotel of refined elegance that recalls,
with arches, vaults and columns, an ancient Neapolitan
palace of the 1700s. This was followed by the official Gala
Dinner at the hotel's Restaurant l’Olivo, the only restaurant
on the island to be awarded two Michelin stars. It was a
fabulous evening of fantastic company withmany culinary
and musical delights, perfectly ending the sublime day
we’d had viewing the astonishing Reine de Naples
Saturday 6th October was our final day on the beautiful
island of Capri. With all the unveiling and celebrating at
the previous day's events, you would be forgiven for
thinking that Breguet had done enough for its guests.
However, the proceedings were far from over. Breguet
truly spoilt us with an exquisite lunch at the Restaurant il
Riccio, a spectacular waterside fish restaurant, one of the
most-loved on Capri. It is situated just a few metres from
the legendary Grotta Azzurra, the most famous of all
Capri's tourist attractions.
After lunch and just a few short steps down from the
Restaurant il Riccio to the water’s edge, boats were waiting
to take us on a sensational tour of the island. We lazed in
the sunshine taking in the sights. There was la Grotta
Azzurra, also known as the "Blue Grotto", with its crystal
clear waters. Then came the Faraglioni: three spurs of rock
that rise up out of the sea with a natural cavity large enough
to allow the passage of our boat. Finally, we saw the
Lighthouse of Punta Carena, an impressive construction
that dominates the south-western coast of the island.
My conclusion? It was a first rate trip from a first rate brand
simply unforgettable.
Jordana Lynch
certainly felt like
royalty on her
recent trip to the
Gulf of Naples,
courtesy of
Breguet and
Swatch Group.