The Swiss-based luxury
watch and jewellery brand
is renowned for its
creativity, state-of-the-art
technology and craftsmen.
he new Chopard boutique at the Marina Mall, Abu
Dhabi has opened doors to Abu Dhabi’s
sophisticated clientele, offering them the chance to
enjoy exquisite and refined creations produced by the leading
watch and jewellery maker.
Known for their traditional, warm, gracious and homely
atmosphere, Chopard boutiques have been reinterpreted in
a contemporary style by talented architect and designer
Thierry Despont. Reflecting the décor of an elegant living
room in a sophisticated home, the Chopard boutique boasts
light woods for flooring and panelling, sumptuous fabrics and
furnishings created expressly to highlight the stunning jewels,
watches and other finely crafted luxurious products.
Fine leather for the wall panels, store fixtures and furniture
fronts evoke a sense of simple luxury and familiarity. The
luscious velvet used for the curtains and chair upholstery
creates a real sense of opulence. Renewable woods are used
for this boutique concept, underlining the brand’s deep
commitment to the environment.
Endowed with a code of ethics nurtured by common sense
and loyalty, the Chopard Company has a proud heritage,
having been steadily and serenely forged since 1860. Over the
years a handful of deeply admirable corporate values have
formed the “backbone” of Chopard: Independence, Quality
and Excellence, Creativity, Heritage, Respect, and Audacity.
Chopard’s superb new boutique at the Marina Mall was
inaugurated in partnership with its Abu Dhabi distributor Al
Manara International Jewellery.
After assessing the capital’s evolution, we noticed a clear
appeal from consumers for a uniquely extraordinary Chopard
retail experience, in line with the unparalleled service and
choices for which the brand is known," said Abdul Hamied
Seddiqi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Manara
International Jewellery.
We are delighted to offer Abu Dhabi’s jewellery enthusiasts
the privilege of cherishing Chopard and their exclusive spirit
in a unique and personalised atmosphere.”
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Dany Kheirallah and Foaud Georges
Mr Abdul Hamied Seddiqi, Third from left and guests.