Feliciano López Diaz-
Guerra is a Spanish
professional male tennis
player. He was born in
Toledo and now lives in
the Spanish capital,
Madrid. Lopez achieved
his current career-high
singles ranking of World
No. 15 in January 2012.
José Adrián Fernández Mier is a Mexican racing driver and co-
owner of the Fernandez Racing team.
David Pender Richards CBE (b. 3 June 1952, Britain) is the chairman of
Prodrive and Aston Martin, and a former team principal of the BAR and
Benetton Formula One motor racing teams.
For both Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin, it would have
been inconceivable to stop there. While others might have been
satisfied with the result achieved, the development team of the
AMVOX7 Chronograph further enriched this prodigious range
of innovations with a system enabling quick and easy wristband
changes to match to the mood and the needs of the moment.
There is a metal bracelet that proves a worthy companion for
sporting and outdoor activities, while the sobriety of its leather
counterpart will accentuate the distinction of a watch that
smoothly adapts to the most elegant circumstances.
Such sterling qualities call for an “engine” endowed with
characteristics on a par with the expectations generated by such
an impressive appearance. In this field too, connoisseurs will
appreciate the Jaeger-LeCoultre mechanical automatic Calibre
With its frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and its 65-
hour power reserve, it displays an impressive track record in
terms of sturdiness, reliability and precision. Indeed, what else
would one expect from a mechanism whose performance will
necessarily be compared to those of the new Aston Martin
An association is fuelled exclusively by the momentum injected
into it by each of the two partners. While it may seem simple
for a prestigious watch brand to enter into an alliance with a
renowned car manufacturer, the flame of enthusiasm
unanimously sensed when signing such an agreement can soon
dwindle to nothing in the absence of shared values. But this is
clearly not the case in the dynamic partnership between Jaeger-
LeCoultre and AstonMartin; indeed, it appears to be evenmore
vibrantly alive than ever as it enters its eighth year.
This association has already given rise to some exceptional
creations, embodying major progress in the field of technology.
The secret of this long-term success is firmly based on a shared
vision, nurtured from both sides by an authentic passion for
And the extraordinary results, on the wrist, are there for
everyone to see!
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