A must for the style-conscious man this winter.
Enduring style, since the 80s
The gloriously individual approach of Carolina Herrera was evident from the
time of her very first collection. Asked to summarise the aesthetic of that
collection, in 1981, Herrera replied, “It’s my own style.”
Herrera’s designs blend simple elegance with flashes of daring. She told Vogue
in 1987: “I prefer clothes that are simple, well-cut, but with one major
Long before she became a designer, Herrera was famous for her beauty and her
wide network of social acquaintances. She was known for her fabulous style –
often wearing a smart white shirt or a trouser suit – and dined at sumptuous
restaurants such as El Morocco and Mortimer’s. She sat to have her portrait
done by superb artists ranging from Robert Mapplethorpe to Andy Warhol.