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Towering achievement: the
Address DowntownDubai
The stylish Address Downtown rises like a
beacon of luxury from the pulsating heart
of vibrant Dubai.
e love Abu Dhabi so much that sometimes it’s easy to forget that it’s just
one, albeit stunning, part of amuch larger country. But onour regular visits
toDubai, we’re reminded of just howmuch theUAEhas to offer. I always
think that the seven Emirates of the UAE are like glorious flowers blooming in the
desert. If so, then Abu Dhabi and Dubai – respectively the largest and most populous
Emirates – are the tallest and prettiest of them all.
Our latest trip to Dubai followed the massive excitement of Abu Dhabi’s Formula
One weekend. We had really lived life to full that weekend, and we were looking
for a change of scene and pace. We booked a stay at the Address Downtown hotel.
We had heard great things about it from friends, so we were really excited to see
what it would be like.
As the name suggests, the Address Downtown is marvellously situated, right in
the heart of vibrant and forward-looking Dubai. It’s only fifteen minutes from the
impressive international airport and is within walking distance of the Dubai mall
undoubtedly one of the world’s most exciting shopping destinations.
It’s hard to approach the Address Downtown without gasping: the postmodern
architecture of the elegant facade recalls the art deco era. And the interior is equally
stunning. There’s a real sense of grandeur, and the decor is deeply infused with a
sense of the region’s surrounding landscapes.
The Address Downtown Dubai offers a superb array of accommodation: The 63-
storey hotel has no less than 196 spacious and contemporary rooms, including 25
suites – as well as 626 serviced residences.