Dynasty of flavour: Hukama
The cuisine at the exquisite Hukama adds
a contemporary twist to time-honoured
provincial Chinese traditions
ur initial impressions
of the fabulous
Address Downtown
Dubai hotel had been
absolutely exceptional. From
gorgeous facade, we were
awestruck by a sense of beauty.
Our wonder and amazement
only increased as we passed
through the opulent, exquisite
entrancehall and then intoour
astonishingly luxurious suite.
After relaxing in our superb
surroundings and enjoying
the majestic views from our
private terrace in the evening
sun, wewere ready to eat.We
planned to dine at the well-
regarded Hukama restaurant
on the sixth floor. It had come
highly recommended; but
could it live up to the almost
unimaginably high standards
of our experience at the
Address Downtown so far?
Our first impressions of
Hukama suggested that it
would. The restaurant is
decorated in sophisticated
deep red tones, incorporating
an impressive amount of
really beautiful wood. The
shiny dark floorswere simply
exquisite.Wewere reminded
instantly of ancient and
glorious Chinese dynasties.
In one place we even saw an
elegant gold-coloured gong –
a really imaginative and
inspiring touch. The room
was separated into two by
dividers that gave it a sleek,
contemporary feel, and the
classy lighting was judged to