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lives up to its name by introducing an element of
experimentation and innovation in terms of styling, colours
and materials.
Clients are given enormous freedom in their decisionmaking,
being able to select from a huge range. This includes
traditional luxury materials, such as classic cashmere, trendy
denim, and high-tech, innovative carbon-fibre. This allows
clients to achieve a level of exclusivity that’s absolutely
unprecedented in the automotive sector. In fact, this is the first
time many of the materials offered have been adopted and
approved for use in cars.
Clients are invited to Maranello as part of the Tailor-Made
Programme. There they will find a dedicated area that looks
and feels very much like a haute couture studio, with a huge
array of samples of materials, treatments and colours to
browse. There is also a material scanner that will provide
owners with a preview of the final result.
The Tailor-Made Collections
Maximum performance, tradition, innovation. These are the
Ferrari brand core values that underpin all three collections
created by the Styling Centre to inspire clients interested in
the Tailor-Made programme. Scuderia, Classica and Inedita
are the three different “worlds” to choose from to create
exquisite bespoke Ferraris through unique combinations of
the many options available.
Guided and advised by their Personal Designer, new owners
can make their selections from the collections to reflect their
own personal tastes. They are also welcome to suggest
innovative, new solutions and materials that the Styling
Centre will then assess for compatibility. It’s just like getting a
tailor-made suit – you have the power to create whatever you
want, perfectly matched to you.
Racing has always been the lifeblood of Ferrari, which has
enjoyed remarkable success on the world’s circuits since its
earliest days. The Scuderia collection is therefore very much
a homage to the track, a fact reflected in the materials and
finishes it includes. The list of options in the Scuderia
collection ranges all the way from carbon-fibre trim to
technical fabrics, chamois and rubberised leather, Alcantara,
microfibres, Kevlar, satin-finish and matte metals. Clients can
work with the Scuderia collection to ensure their Ferraris
epitomise the very pinnacle of sportiness.