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We at Simply AbuDhabi
work closely with Rolls
Royce andwere fortunate
enough to experience their
newArt Deco Inspired
aking inspiration from one of the defining
movements of the 20th century, Rolls-Royce Motor
Cars proudly presents a selection of Ghost and
Phantom family cars that celebrate the Art Deco era.
The highly bespoke Phantom Saloon, Phantom Drophead
Coupé and Ghost models which were unveiled at the Paris
Motor Show 2012, in homage to the 1925 Paris Exhibition or
Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels
Modernes that gave the movement its name.
Phantom Saloon’s black and arctic white interior hints at the
visual language of the movement while a suite of Art Deco-
inspired interior detailing points to the creativity, skill and
attention to detail employed by Rolls-Royce craftspeople.
Hand-fashioned stainless steel inlays in telephone drawer, door
cappings and rear picnic table backs subtly evoke the decorative
style of the period. An echo of the rich heritage of the marque
also lies in the Art Deco-style geometric coachline pattern – a
design conceived and used by Rolls-Royce on a show stand at
Olympia in the early 20th century.
The elegant simplicity of Ghost is presented in two-tone,
jubilee silver atop cobalto blue, whilst the interior features
intricately designed and crafted marquetry in front and rear. A
Phantom Drophead Coupé furnished in resplendent mother
of pearl onlays gracefully completes the show line-up.
In Paris we have elegantly captured the essence of one of the
great periods in 20th century design,” said Torsten Müller-
Ötvös, Chief Executive Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “These Art
Deco-inspired motor cars stand as a testament to the breadth
of the Rolls-Royce bespoke offering, reinforcing the marque’s
position as the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury goods.”
An exclusive collection of Bespoke Phantom Saloon and Ghost
family cars, inspired by the Art Deco cars at Paris, will be made
available to Rolls-Royce clients.
For Phantom customers, exterior colours will be offered in
infinity black, Arabian blue, powder blue or Arctic white, and
feature a bespoke, twin coachline with an Art Deco motif. An
illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy, hinting at ornamental glassware
of the day, completes the exterior detailing. Inside Phantom’s
coach doors, touches like Art Deco headrest embroidery,
bespoke inlays on piano black veneer and tread plates sporting
Art Deco motif further reference the style of the period.