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initial mixture of crystal, cobalt oxide, copper
oxide, manganese dioxide, chrome oxide and
iron oxide. The proportions are as closely
guarded as a state secret. The result is an
alchemic paradox: dark clarity and opaque
In 1925, the black crystal Vesques vase, engraved
and decorated with camellias and plant motifs
in polychrome glazes, illustrated this
extraordinary expertise. Universal exhibitions
were held regularly throughout the nineteenth
century: in 1867, the public was astonished by
two exquisite vases, lined with ruby red and
with a sumptuous wheel engraved motif by
Jean-Baptiste Simon; and a crystal fountain
seven meters high. In 1878, a round crystal
temple, an “Elephant” liquor cabinet and huge
candelabras enchanted them. Gold medals were
awarded for these amazing techniques, which
were so extraordinary that the poetry and magic
Baccarat’s fame spread around the world.
Baccarat shops were opened in Bombay,
Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Persia, Egypt, Asia
and on the American continent. Few could
resist the allure of a gorgeous Baccarat-crafted
Baccarat has continued to evolve and change
with the times. It was the first crystal factory to
adjust to the advent of electricity, and adapted its
chandeliers and candelabras for electrical power
in 1896 by engineering models with hollow
branches. And it was with sumptuous,
luxurious chandeliers – with up to 250 lights
each – that Baccarat really cemented its fame.
Spirit of Baccarat
Today Baccarat’s range of products is broader
than ever, but its appeal remains timeless. The
Baccarat brand represents a wildly
contemporary lifestyle of beauty and excess. It
is an everlasting fantasy, a poetic and sensual
experience that sparkles on the skin or around a
table, transforming space with its light.
The Baccarat style is a banquet of the senses, an
intimate dialogue with objects that truly have a
soul. A Baccarat piece is much more than just a
valuable object: it elicits a rare emotion and
epitomises an idea of fulfilment and perfection.
Light – mysterious and fascinating when
reflected off black crystal, or sparkling on ruby
red – scintillates on the facets of a Harcourt
glass, wreathes a precious jewel and shimmers
over a chandelier.
The iconic Zénith chandelier
The Zénith chandelier is one of a long line of
traditional crystal models developed by Baccarat
from its earliest days in the first half of the 19th
century. It comprises bevelled diamond-shaped