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eerless artistry and finesse allow Golden Dreams to create the
world’s most luxurious iPhones. The company’s exquisite
collection radiates a timeless passion for lavish perfection.
Golden Dreams has established a well-earned reputation for providing its
clients with phones that combine functionality, elegance, exclusivity and
prestige. Its designs may be sleek and cutting edge, but underlying each
one is the unrivalled Swiss tradition of excellence in jewellery and watch
The company’s custom service – known as ‘From Dreams to Reality’ –
offers its clients the privilege of realising their individual, unique wishes
by ordering on-demand, entirely unique masterpieces.
The Golden Dreams collection
Golden Dreams’ iPhone collection has previously astonished lovers of
luxury with sumptuous items such as the Full Diamond Edition set. This
boasts more than 4,000 diamonds and an exquisite revolutionary material,
carbon gold, which was developed in-house.
The new Golden Dreams iPhone 5 collection consists of two different,
equally stunning editions:
The Desert Edition
With a certified “Mississippi Alligator” back, the Golden Dreams Desert
Edition is the world’s first leather-covered iPhone 5. In order to
accommodate the sumptuous material while keeping the thickness of the
iPhone unchanged, the skilled R&D team at Golden Dreams had to re-
engineer the entire back of the phone, using cutting-edge Swiss micro-
engineering techniques.
The result is a spectacular device that retains its original proportions while
featuring an amazing alligator back that is both sensuous to the touch and
beautiful to look at. The leather is available in a superb range of colours to
suit individual tastes, while the smartphone’s rimmay be finished in either
opulent 24-carat gold plate or sleek black chrome.
The Gold Edition
The Gold Edition 24ct, with its sparkling mirror back, is covered with the
finest of all metals. The back of the phone is polished to an opulent degree,
lending it mirror-like reflective qualities. Clients who know that real quality
is timeless can enjoy a gold mirror and a phone combined! The model is
available in elegant shades of white or black, with luxurious 24ct-gold
Renowned Swiss quality
Belkacem Kendouci, Golden Dreams’ artistic director, has said: “What
makes us different to a simple gold-plating company is that we use the full
experience of the Swiss luxury industry to push boundaries, offering
beautiful, innovative creations that embody the world-renowned Swiss
tradition of quality.”
When asked about the company’s philosophy of applying traditional Swiss
craftsmanship to a mobile phone, Alexandre Masson, the Golden Dreams
CEO, said:
Luxury is all about emotions. The purchase of a Swiss luxury watch cannot
simply be explained by the need to have the time. At Golden Dreams we
recognise the fact that smartphones are becoming increasingly important
elements of our life, and we want to be the bridge between the technical
excellence of Apple and Swiss traditional craftsmanship skills.
Our aim,” he concludes, “is to make themmore personal, more beautiful,
and more luxurious.”