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Beef Carpaccio was invented in the original Harry’s Bar for a countess on a
raw meat diet. We can be eternally thankful that Cipriani’s honourable guest
had restricted herself in this way, because the resulting dish is utterly exquisite.
What a simple, yet truly luxurious, idea to serve thinly sliced raw beef with a
garnish of lemon, parmesan and olive oil! I had ordered this fabulous dish last
time and I was not disappointed. I just had to have it again, and it was,
predictably, superb: incredibly fresh, succulent and tender.
Jordana chose the Burrata alla Mediterranea – it also wowed us with its
freshness and vitality. And to follow these mouthwatering dishes, we had two
more that again encapsulated the ethos of luxury in simplicity that prevails
here. I had a fantastic Eggs Benedict on a Cipriani roll with a side order of fries,
while Jordana chose Herb-friedOysters with Bérnaise sauce. If that description
has you licking your lips, I can assure you that it was as tasty as it sounds!
We finished with our favourite dessert: Vanilla Cream Pie. And we only wish
that we had had room for more of the gorgeous meringues, crêpes and
chocolate cakes on offer.
The great thing about Cipriani Yas Island, though, is that you aren’t just coming
here for the food. It’s about the total experience: the warmth, the elegance and
the effortless style. We got chatting to several of the friendly waiting staff here.
As well as being attentive and helpful, they have some amazing stories to share.
Many of them have honed their skills at other Cipriani establishments: in
London, New York and even at Harry’s Bar in Venice. They’re a diverse and
lively bunch, and they are all absolutely dedicated to pushing the venue to ever-
greater heights of luxury.
You’ll also certainly be dining in great company when you book a table here.
Regular visitors to Cipriani include movie stars and big-name sports stars. The
guest list for the opening night was utterly stunning. It included the King of
Bahrain, King of Spain, the Prince of Monaco, and Prince, the international
superstar. However, the hallmark of the Cipriani experience is that it welcomes
rather than intimidates. All sophisticates and lovers of luxury are welcome.
We visited here some time ago and we had a superb time then. We’d like to be
able to say that since then, Cipriani Yas Island has maintained those superlative
standards. We can’t say that, however, because this time it was even better. From
beginning to end, we were absolutely thrilled by our evening. The Cipriani
family may have been in the hospitality business for over eighty years, but we’re
happy to report that they have lost none of their touch. On the contrary – their
magic is stronger than ever. Long may it last!
Cipriani Terrace overlooking the race track and the Marina
Guiseppe Cipriani with Sarah Fergusson & Fergie from Black Eyed Peas
Guiseppe Cipriani with Sarah Ferguson & Carlos Santana
Guiseppe Cipriani with Sharon Stone