Pearls & Caviar Restaurant Facade
s you will know if you have read our main feature on
the Shangri-La hotel on page 20, it’s a place where the
very height of luxury comes as standard. As soon as
we arrived at this opulent establishment, we were bowled over
by its sheer majesty. We were instantly transported into a
different world.
We had seen our suite and were delighted with it. But we were
still to sample some of the Shangri-La’s cuisine. We’d heard
that it was superb – so we had high hopes. On our first night,
we both fancied seafood, so we dined at Pearls and Caviar – a
hugely eclectic and stylish restaurant that specialises in
Mediterranean seafood.
Well before the meal, we were mesmerised by the absolutely
stunning waterfront setting, fromwhere we had glorious views
of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. We had decided to sit
outside to witness this majestic panorama, but as we passed
through the restaurant on our way there we also noted how
sumptuously and elegantly it had been designed.
The silver leaf on the ceiling was utterly exquisite. It put us in
a mood of pure luxury that was to continue throughout the
meal. The classy black, white and grey tones of the
surrounding décor only deepened the sophisticated mood.