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Slow-Poached Canadian Lobster
And then came the food. The philosophy here is simple and
massively successful. It’s about having the best of both worlds.
The restaurant uses fresh Middle Eastern ingredients and
combines them with Mediterranean tastes. The result is
unique – and it can only be described as heavenly.
Pearls and Caviar has both indoor and outdoor seating – and
with the weather as good as it was, we opted for the latter. We
were brought some refreshing fruit juice, and as soon as we
sipped it we felt our worldly cares drift away. We then sampled
some delicious Iranian caviar, before our starters arrived. The
caviar was astoundingly good, but when I saw my plate of
Tsarskaya oysters with cucumber granita, preserved lemon and
pickled shallots, I thought that it had the potential to surpass
it. And I was right. The oysters were both rich and refreshing,
and the garnishes complemented them perfectly. I tried some
of Jordana’s starter – a Gulf shrimp salad – and it was equally
delicious. The shrimp was incredibly fresh, and the
accompaniments of cod, fennel, and Kalamata olives really
brought out the best of it.
This is what real cooking is about. It doesn’t have to be
complicated, it’s just about fresh ingredients prepared with
consummate skill. That may sound straightforward, but it’s a
rare thing to find. I’m happy to say that Pearls and Caviar
displays it in abundance.
There was little doubt about the restaurant’s credentials from
the moment the food first arrived – but the sheer quality of
the team here became even clearer when we were served our
main courses. I ordered the Sea Bass à la Plancha, where the
fish came with tomato confit, saffron and zucchini. It was one
of the best things I have ever tasted. The fish was perfect in
itself, but what really made this dish was the subtle saffron. Its
flavour married perfectly with the flavours and textures of the
fish and the vegetables.