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Let’s not forget the side dishes, either. We ordered Hoi An Fried Rice,
which came with succulent chicken, perfectly cooked eggs and tasty
shrimps in a lotus leaf. This classic dish was served with trademark style.
We also ordered a lotus stem salad where the stems came with shrimp,
carrots, cucumber, and kaffir lime vinaigrette. It went so well with our
fish dishes that we considered ordering another plate! And finally, we
both ordered chilled mango soup for desert. The rich and refreshing
flavours really brought our meal to a resounding finale.
After dining we were reluctant to leave the magnificent Hoi An. We
lingered over our coffees for a long time, discussing which had been the
better: Hoi An or Pearls and Caviar. In the end it was too difficult to
decide. When every single aspect of both restaurants is utterly superb,
then how can you? And I’m not just talking about the food – sumptuous
though that undoubtedly is. I mean that the service, the setting, and the
overall ambience were also all impossible to fault.
But ultimately it isn’t about finding faults. It’s about being overwhelmed
by a tide of luxury that’s so exquisite it redefines what you thought
possible. In the end, that’s why we come to places like this. And that’s
why we are certain to return.
the flavour of pure luxury