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The difficult times that Kylie has been through only endear her more
to her fans – and we’re delighted that she has come through them even
stronger than before. Kylie shows no sign of slowing down – she has
said that in future she may even direct a movie. But right now, we were
just happy to be mesmerised by her performance here in Abu Dhabi.
The atmosphere at the show was electric, and we were very happy to
meet many other people who love Kylie as much as we do. We were
utterly charmed to meet a group of friends from different corners of
the globe: Arvin fromMoscow, Pete fromNew York City and Justine
from Saint-Tropez. They had met on an online Kylie fan forum,
formed close bonds and thought that tonight’s show would be a great
place to finally meet in person. Because they wanted to make sure that
their trip to Abu Dhabi was as sumptuous as possible, they had each
flown by private jet and with their own security.
I can’t think of a better place to watch Kylie than here in the
spectacular surroundings of the Du Arena,” said Justine. Pete agreed,
adding that he was “stunned” by the quality of the performance and
that the atmosphere here was better than at any other venue he could
think of.
We felt that the happiness of this young group was symbolic of Abu
Dhabi’s international and forward-looking atmosphere. We were in
total agreement with them that Kylie had been absolutely spectacular.
Our favourite song on this wonderful evening had been a brilliant
performance of Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. And that seems
pretty appropriate. Because even nowwe still can’t get Kylie’s thrilling
performance out of our heads!