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she looked over at me and she saw that I was messing around with the
scrapbook. And she got this look on her face, because she knew, you know,
that I don’t normally, I’m not a big scrapbooker. And she walked over and I
said: ‘Hey, I added an extra page. Tell me what you think.” And so she flipped
to the back of it, and she saw it. And, you know, then she freaked out and I got
down on one knee and, ah, she said ‘Yes’.”
As for Nickelback’s future recording plans, Kroeger has recently said: “We
haven’t got any plans. We’re not in any hurry to start recording anything just
However, when asked about James Bond movies, Ryan Peak has admitted that
the band would be “totally interested” in doing a Bond song, and says one of
his favourite villains is Oddjob from the filmGoldfinger. Chad Kroeger adds
that he was impressed by Roger Moore in the role of Bond:
Everyone’s favourite Bond is always Sean Connery,” he says. “But I loved
Roger Moore. He was a great Bond. With his English accent, Roger Moore
was just the quintessential Bond for me. He was a great Bond.”
The band’s vibrant personality shines through equally in their interviews and
their performances. For us, the stand-out moments of this magnificent concert
were Chad Kroeger’s immensely passionate rendition of How You Remind
Me, and a searing seven-minute drum solo from Adair that electrified the
entire Du Arena.
We were really pleased to be able to meet some fans who had travelled long
distances to see their heroes play. We met Robert Wallingford from Mayfair
in London. He said that he loves spending time in his home neighbourhood’s
sophisticated galleries and restaurants, as well as those in neighbouring
Knightsbridge. He’s seen the band perform on four previous occasions, but
wanted to experience them in Abu Dhabi.
Each time the band played was superb,” said Robert. “But I have never seen
them play better than this.”
We also met Anna Farleigh, from Los Angeles, Nevada. She agreed with
Robert that Nickelback had excelled themselves this evening. “The emotion
is just so raw and so powerful – it really speaks to me,” she enthused.
Robert had taken a first class flight to Abu Dhabi, while Anna had travelled by
private jet. Both were accompanied by private security on their trips to the
world’s greatest Formula One destination, and agreed that it was the little
luxuries like this that brought the peace of mind needed to turn a good trip
into a great one.
When the band closed the showwe were so disappointed – but they promptly
followed with a brilliant encore performance, to the delight of all us screaming
fans. Our only regret was that they couldn’t go on playing encores all night.
But we still had Eminem to look forward to the next evening...