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lose yourself in themusic
The hip-hop megastar
stormed Du Arena on the
final night of the F1
weekend, with a
pyrotechnical performance
of pure energy.
he evening entertainment at the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix is
always spectacular, but this year turned out to be its best yet. On the first
evening we were stunned by an amazing performance from Kylie
Minogue, while the next night we had the huge pleasure of watching the brilliant
Canadian rock band, Nickelback.
Those two acts are tough ones to follow, but if there’s one global music star who’s
up for a challenge, it’s Eminem. And when we found out that the world-class
American rapper would be performing at the Du Arena to close the Formula One
race weekend, we were thrilled.
What can you say to introduce Eminem? The rap superstar’s achievements speak
for themselves. He is among the best-selling artists in the world and has been
named among the greatest artists of all time by such authorities as Rolling Stone
magazine. He has sold over 42 million tracks and 49.1 million albums in the
United States, and an incredible 100 million albums worldwide.
The glorious Du Arena is one of our favourite places in Abu Dhabi. It has played
vhost to many talented stars, but Eminem is equal to them all. He began the
evening in thrilling fashion with a brilliant performance of Won't Back Down.
The star appeared in a relaxed style, wearing a grey hoody, a black T-shirt, a chain
and a baseball cap. But he left us in no doubt of his phenomenal musical ability.
Rapping for a jaw-dropping total of 80 minutes, Eminem was accompanied by a
live band, as well as some MCs and hip-hop artists, including Mr Porter from his
group D12. The crowd was delighted whenever Eminem started up old hits, such
as My Name Is and Way I Am. They were performed brilliantly, and we found
Eminem’s newer material equally captivating.
The incredible star has not always known such success, however. Eminem, who
was born as Marshall Bruce Mathers III in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1972, had a
difficult start in life. At the time of his birth, his mother was just fifteen, and his
father left for good six months later. The youngMarshall moved between Kansas
City and Detroit throughout his early childhood. He switched schools every few
months and so found it difficult to make friends. He was often in trouble, but
found that the power of rapping, rhyming and playing with words brought
pleasure into an otherwise tough and lonely world.