t’s known to be frequented by sophisticated and talented figures
from the worlds of sport, film and fashion. People of the calibre
of Steven Seagal, Sir Richard Branson, Hugh Grant, Prince,
Brazilian football legend Ronaldo, Bernie Ecclestone, Adrien Brody,
and Natalia Gantimurova (Miss Russia 2011) – to name just a few.
That’s right – just as they did in 1930s Venice, the world’s discerning
socialites and creative people are turning to the Cipriani family in
their quest for first-class evening entertainment. Not content simply
with running Abu Dhabi’s sumptuous Cipriani restaurant, the
exciting Allure nightclub is where the distinguished and massively
respected family turn their hand to providing some of the Emirate’s
very finest nightlife. And they do so with the customary and
seemingly effortless finesse that marks everything the Ciprianis do.
It was at Harry’s Bar in 1931 where bartender Giuseppe Cipriani first
made the philosophy of ‘simple luxury’ his own. He attracted the
likes of Hemingway, Chaplin, Capote and Wells to his vibrant and
stylish Italian bar, offering them a superb, warm atmosphere and with
unique dishes like the trademark Beef Carpaccio.
Today, Giuseppe Cipriani’s grandson (who has the same name) has
brought the famed Cipriani tradition of hospitality to Abu Dhabi,
both at the delicious Cipriani restaurant and – for late evening style
and adventure – the fabulous Allure by Cipriani nightclub.
During Abu Dhabi’s legendary Formula One weekend, we returned
to both of these astonishingly good venues. The food at Cipriani was
as good as we remembered (see page 44 for a detailed review) and
the ever-inviting Allure was even better than we recalled.
7 5