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1 2 8 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I H ermès is a universal byword for luxurious refinement and extraordinary craftsmanship – a giant in the global luxury market that has grown from humble beginnings. The company was founded in 1837 as a supplier of high quality bridles, saddles and leather goods. Now the company has grown to comprise 14 highly successful métiers, or product divisions. La Montre Hermès is the watchmaking métier and it has carved out a respected place in the world of high horology with great aplomb. Although the latest version of its enchanting Pendentif Boule is not considered amongst the high complications, it is nevertheless an ever-popular timepiece with a heritage that starts back in the 16th century when necklace watches were invented in Germany. Quite appropriately, the hand-crafted technique used on this ball pendant dates back to ancient times; but never one to just raid the patrimony department without something contemporary and creative inmind, Hermès has tweaked the historical method to bring it into the 21st century. Hermes – Pendentif Boule