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‘Ethereal Carolina Divine Paraiba’, the Guinness Book of Records largest Paraiba Tourmaline gemstone has been set at the center of a museum quality necklace surrounded by symbols of the sea and the earth, and encircled with gems to epitomize its name, “Paraiba Star of the Ocean Jewels Necklace” designed and hand made by the house of Kaufmann de Suisse, esteemed name with decades of distinction on the famed Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida USA and in Montreal, Canada. Flowing in a harmonious blend of fine craftsmanship, the stunning piece was inspired by “Lady M” which is Monica Kaufmann, daughter of founder E.P. Kaufmann who established the company in 1954. The combination of her passion for the love of nature, her spiritual wealth, and her transmuted knowledge from her family’s heritage of fine jewelry, are the catalysts to inspire this creation. “So much is going on beneath the surface of the waters, just as the formation of this incredible Paraiba tourmaline happened – quietly and below the surface of the Earth,” Ms. Kaufmann explained in an address before dignitaries and fellow members of Kaufmann de Suisse jewelers to introduce the piece to the New York market. “The neon-blue color of the stone evoked the image of blue waters that comprise 70% of our small blue planet and spawned life 3.8 billion years ago for us…,” Ms. Kaufmann said. In addition to the breathtaking Paraiba tourmaline, the Paraiba Star of the Ocean of the Jewels Necklace consists of 1,705 other precious and semi-precious stones including orange sapphires, emeralds, rubies, blue topazes, and an eye-catching brilliant yellow canary 10.73 carat diamond. Magnificent echoes as one feels and observes this majestic necklace that is befitting for the highest caliber of prominent lady. This masterpiece is historically significant for female icons to fancy and showcase as “Cleopatra”, “Liz Taylor”, “Princess Diane” along with a lineage of Aristocrats have. Therefore ascertaining the sensational stone, the “Ethereal Carolina Divine Paraiba” merged with the elegant design and collectible, “Paraiba Star of the Ocean of Jewels Necklace” is the rival of a Regal statement for beauty, authenticity, and intrinsic value for investment. What Makes the Ethereal Carolina Divine Paraiba Special? The story of the herculean efforts to discover and bring to market the world’s largest Paraiba tourmaline is the stuff of legend. It took a determined miner named Heitor Barbosa 5 years scouring the Paraiba district of Brazil to unearth the first Paraiba gemstone in 1989. Barbosa had a gut feeling he’d find gemstones of remarkable quality – little did he know they would become so valuable. Enter the youthful financier Vincent Boucher, a Canadian physicist, artist and CEOof Billionaire Business Enterprises, Inc. whose passion for beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime gemstones led to his acquisition in 2009 of the world-famous Paraiba tourmaline. Mr. Boucher brought the record- holding stone to Kaufman de Suisse to create a handmade object d’art that would best capture the Paraiba tourmalines’ incomparable qualities of wondrous colors, brilliance and clarity. Following are but a few of the unsurpassed qualities of this highly sought-after gem, beyond its record breaking size: • Its scarcity boggles the imagination – it is thousands of times rarer than diamonds - for every 10,000 carats of diamonds mined, a single carat of Paraiba tourmaline has been mined. • Only 50 kg of stone material has been mined – the mines are now exhausted. • In many cases tourmaline crystals are broken or etched. Prior to the discovery of the Paraiba Star, a 3 carat stone was virtually unknown. It is highly likely that we will never see another Paraiba Star. It is truly one of a kind! • Its unsurpassed size, natural untreated color and transparency make the stone a geological anomaly – again, a one-of-a-kind characteristic. Why Invest in the Paraiba Star Tourmaline? According to Kaufmann de Suisse, when Paraiba’s were originally introduced to world markets in 1990 at the Tucson, Arizona (U.S.) show, the price per carat was only $250 a carat. Only six days later it skyrocketed to $2500 a carat thanks to the almost unprecedented demand of such a scarce commodity. The demand for the Paraiba Star continued to rise exponentially, as has its price. The October 2013 edition of Rappaport Magazine – the authority on gemstone pricing, reported that Paraiba tourmalines larger than 10 carats were already fetching more than $100,000 per carat. Rappaport said a ceiling price could not be established for the gem because prices for the rare tourmalines continue to rise. Exclusive and Potentially Lucrative Investment Opportunity Some hard facts about recent gem values make it clear that the Paraiba Star offers an extraordinary investment opportunity. For example, the Burma Ruby sold for $1.2 million per carat, and Kashmir sapphires have attracted as much as $200,000 per carat. The auction price for the Burma Ruby represented a 9-fold increase over its value just a few years earlier. The fact that the Paraiba tourmalines are nearly extinct only adds to the mystique of this celebrated stone. An Appeal to Wealth and Taste Make no mistake, the ‘Ethereal Carolina Divine Paraiba’ with its dazzling “Paraiba Star of the Ocean” design, isn’t for those lacking overwhelming financial resources. The price tag could ultimately be north of $10 millions of dollars. According to Gemological Institute of America GIA) certified gemologist Brandon Katzeff, Paraiba tourmalines are not often carried by fine jewelers because of their steep price tag, making them difficult to sell. Katzeff, who runs family-owned jewelry stores in Pennsylvania and West Virginia says the beautiful neon-blue colors set the Paraiba apart from other gemstones. He says the only stone that comes close in color is the blue zircon. However, for those who do possess this unrivaled gemstone, the prize isn’t merely an indication of prodigious wealth and nuanced taste – the stone has great historical significance along with an opulent necklace with medley of fine gemstones for divine design. Future generations will consider the Ethereal Carolina Divine Paraiba in the same historical context as the Hope Diamond, the Logan Sapphire, and the Golden Jubilee. Formore information contact: KAUFMANN de SUISSE CustomDesigns, Master Goldsmiths & Rare Gems since 1954 210 Worth Avenue Palm Beach, Florida USA 33480 1-800-832-2808 Tel: (561) 832-4918 Fax: (561) 832-7295 1 4 1 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I