Simply Abu Dhabi XX

1 5 0 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I expanded into cosmetics, furniture design and – since 2005 – into signature hotels and resorts. Georgio Armani’s autumn-winter 2015/2016 collection follows four decades of design and makes a strong simple statement: jackets and pants. In addition to waist-clinching cummerbunds, free-floating collars and trousers that incorporate a sarong wrap he has played to his strengths with dozens of his signature pieces – fluid, gently curving, slightly cropped jackets. And there are also double breasted, the swingy A-line, the elongated, vaguely North African ones – all of them featuring Armani’s muted, alluring blues, purples and greys. Less traditional in textures, this collection features big square palettes of leather or suede that make up jackets, the boucle, the fringing and fur. There’s been a lot of experimentation with trousers this season, attempting to rejuvenate one of the more reliable wardrobe staples. For his autumn 2015 collection the designer has unveiled a skirt-pant hybrid via a series of crepe trousers with a draped overlay fused at the knee. (And as far as terminology goes, what do we call this? The skouser? The skant? The pirt? The spant?) The collection includes ‘skousers’ in all colours from pastels to black, to be partnered with everything