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S IMPLY BEAUT I FUL B y S o p h i e M c M u l l a n B eauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes. This does not mean that obvious beauty is the most important. It's often when we focus on the finer details that we notice what small elements a difference can make. With that in mind, and to feed your beauty apetite this season, I've honed in on a few areas that I hope will interest you. Eyelashes and eyebrows; perhaps an area a few years ago we might have not considered as important as others. How wrong we were. It is indeed with us allowing more time and effort in these areas that will eventually pay off a great deal. I have been doing some research on what treatments and procedures are available to us for both of these areas and have found a company who specialises in all details to frame our peepers. The results are surprising and pleasing all at once. I also managed to ask the two ladies behind the brand a number of questions, from how they met to what is their latest venture. All this and I even managed to test a procedure on my own brows, read on to hear my thoughts. Our nails are another area that perhaps has been neglected in latter years. Not so any more. From basic manicures, gel textures, non-chip, long lasting formulas and nail art, the possibilities are endless. A new mover in the market is 'Nailed London', a modern and innovative brand with a unique formula that promises to deliver. Not only in the finish but also in the style stakes. This is all backed up by their brand ambassador, 'Made In Chelsea''s Rosie Fortescue. A beautiful girl who certainly knows her squoval's from her textured top coats. I met her and asked her all about this exciting new brand and why she's so passionate about it. Then as a final compliment to our beauty edit, I've returned to our dear friends at Parfums de Marly. They have a new launch coming out and I was lucky enough to attend the event in London. I even had the chance of meeting one of the creators to pick his brain and learn more about the process of perfume making. Another classic in the making, I'm sure With that, I wish you well for the forthcoming months and hope that much love and happiness comes into your life. And as with beauty, don't neglect the details in your life. Obstacles should be embraced and the fruits of your labour will be as rewarding as grooming your brows! As ever, I welcome your feedback and responses so please get in touch with me via my twitter and instagram: @beautisserie and I will be happy to respond. Indeed, if there are any elements of beauty you’d like me to research, tell me and I’ll look into it! My website can also be viewed at www.beautisserie.comwh ich showcases my makeup artistry and other Simply Abu Dhabi articles. Until next time, Sophie McMullan Beauty Editor 2 1 5 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I