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2 1 7 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I C reating your own salon manicure at home is something we all strive for. With Nailed London's range of gel-like finishes, this is finally possible. There really is something for everyone in this new collection: all the colours are totally on-trend as they've been chosen and overseen by fashionista and 'Made In Chelsea' TV star, Rosie Fortescue. I sat down with the lady herself at the London launch and posed a few questions to her. I wanted to find out more about this exciting new venture as well as what makes her tick. So, Rosie, this is a fabulous looking collection. How did you and Nailed London get started? I actually came up with the name of the brand from scratch, so I've been there from the start. I've chosen the bottles, the weight of the glass, right through to the caps, nail colours and the brushes – everything. What sets Nailed London apart from other nail polishes on the market? It's taken a while to create because the gel ingredients are something we wanted to get just right. From my personal experience, the quality is amazing and it's affordable at just £7 a bottle. What is your favourite shade? I'mwearing Very Berry, which is great deep purple. ThighHigh Club is everything, I'm obsessed with it! I wore Liquid Lunch the other day too, love it. Did you come up with the shade names? With 28 shades it can be difficult, but the whole process has been incredibly fun. We had to have a Rosie's Red, of course, but others like Noodle Nude is named after my dog and Red Carpet is a classic. It's been a long process but now it's so exciting to finally share it with everyone. There are other textured nail colours out there. What trends do you see coming forward? I think that the glitters are a really good way to update a nail colour, whether it's completely trend-led or not. Obviously there are some trends to accentuate your pinky or your ring finger, but more than that it's an interesting way to add a different dynamic to a colour. There's nude textures and blacker ones so you can go more sheer or vamp it up. What about the shape of nails – what do you like? I go between square and pointy. It's so annoying if I catch a pointy one and it breaks though – I then have to make them all square so they're in sequence! How about the other 'Made in Chelsea' girls? Are they interested in nail fashion too? Louise is really into nails. We've known each other since we were 11 years old when we were at boarding school together, so we'd paint each other’s nails and talk about it. She came over to my flat a couple of weeks ago and I showed her the Nailed London range and she said "I want to Instagram them!" but I told her she has to wait! Did you ask the girls if they had any shade requests? I didn't really ask them for advice, I feel like I know nail varnish. I see what people wear, I know what people want and also I wanted a red that would suit a pale person (like me!) but that would also look great with a tan. Rosie's Red is a real pillarbox red and then there's a darker one, but overall I wanted to make sure they'd all suit everyone's skintones. Growing up with a twin sister who is more olive skinned than me, I know what will suit her too – we're very different! How important do you think it is to look after your nails? So important. I look at people's hands as soon as I meet them, men and women. Do you have a favourite in the range? They're all amazing but my particular favourite is Thigh High Club. It reminds me of when I went to Paris last year and was wearing knee-high boots…You knowwhen a colour can create a feeling? How about you personally – do you have a vice? Peanut butter. I eat it out of the jar, I can't stop! Peanut butter ice cream is also good, with big pieces inside. I'm obsessed with it. Even dipping celery in peanut butter is nice. But yes, just a spoon and a bottle of water because your mouth gets so dry! What's the best piece of advice you've been given? To be true to yourself. For example, do I want to be a supermodel? Well no, I'm 5'4" so I haven't got a chance. You'd better get real. There's nothing worse than someone who wants to look or be a certain way that is so unrealistic. You need to love who you are and just be happy with that. Appreciate what you have, don't aspire to be like someone else. It must be tricky because so many girls look up to you and admire you… Yes, but I also get comments like "Oh goodness, you're so pale, go and put some fake tan on... You look like a ghost" etc. But I love being pale, I love pale people and it's so nice. Now people are saying how they love it and asking me for tips on what to wear for pale skin or what makeup looks good. So it's great for me to show girls and they can see that I haven't changed, even though I've had horrible comments. I'mnot going to change for other people. That's how people should be. It is hard when you're young, though, when you don't want to stand out – but, again, it's so important to be true to yourself. What beauty tips have you picked up from behind the scenes? Drink loads of water, and use eyedrops; I put them in four times a day if I'm feeling really awful! It's probably really bad for you but they make the whites of your eyes really glowy. Be healthy, eat the right foods, go to the gym, have a night off, do a face mask, try to get a good night's sleep. It's hard, though, and I don't always practice what I preach. I'm always running around London. For example last night I didn't get home till 1:30am, but I was up again at 6am for work. My friends tell me I need to chill out. This weekend they're all going to Ibiza, but I said no, I need to have a weekend to myself. It's important to get an early night, watch bad television, chill out, and you will feel amazing. It's good to be selfish sometimes. I enjoy my own company as well so I quite like hanging out with myself! We know you're a very stylish girl about town. What tips would you give to others who look up to you for inspiration? I think it's important to dress for your body type. There's always a trend that we all want to try but it won't suit everyone. I did it with neon, it totally drained me! It's about not following the pack, discovering what suits you and learning as you go along . With that in mind and looking at nail colour as an accessory, how often do you like to change it up? I'mobsessed. I used to do it two or three times a week! But that's when I was using nail varnish that would chip on me anyway. Now, this one I'm wearing today, for example, I've had on for five days and I know this brand it won't chip for a long time. I have such a busy lifestyle it's nice to know that won't happen. But yes, in general, I like to mix it up. It depends on your outfit as well. Like tomorrow, I have a party for my friend’s 30th and it's quite a brightly coloured event. My outfit has pieces of lace and black so it would be good to have some texture on my nails to go with it.