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How do you feel has the industry changed and evolved over the years? Women work more and therefore have more disposable income these days. They are cash rich and time poor, so when spending money on their beauty regime, they want something that will last, where they can wake up without need to spend time on their lashes or brows from a brand they can trust to give them luxury quality. What is your ultimate goal - and has this changed fromwhen you started the line? We would like to be a worldwide brand and to be the first choice when it comes to professional eyelash and eyebrow products and treatments. With regards to the Dubai/UAEmarket how do you see your client there and what they will be excited to try? We make the effort to travel out to our clients in Dubai and other countries worldwide. It is important to go to see them andmaintain the relationship in person. If we have a new product, we will send one of our international trainers to demonstrate it to them. We also have regular meetings using Skype. Do you have a vice? I have a lovely but large collection of nice handbags. What's the best piece of advice you've been given? To always trust your instincts. What has been your biggest set-back? There have been many – but thankfully, nothing we haven’t managed to overcome. What can you reveal about upcoming products and how your brand will develop? As we speak we are developing lines that we can take to the retail market. What procedures and services were launched first? We started as distributors for an American brand until we were able to launch our own brands. Lash Perfect was our foundation brand. Where did it go from there? We continued to grow our range of lash treatments, introduced Lash FX for colleges and wholesale market, Express lashes and Russian and Tahitian, as well as developing the Hi Brow, Brow Perfect treatments and products and most recently LoLa Brows. 2 1 9 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I Before . . . After