Simply Abu Dhabi XX

2 3 9 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I “It’s an extremely complex car with more than 100 ECUs so getting them all talking to each other at the same time and in the same language remains a challenge, and there will be lots of challenges before we launch.” As is becoming the norm for all-terrain vehicles, Bentayga will feature an eight mode drive dynamics system it calls Charisma that offers settings for snow, wet grass, sand, mud, gravel, comfort and sport, and a Bentley mode which is a compromise to suit most situations. A key ingredient to its on-road ride and impressive stability is a new 48-volt, anti-roll system that should eliminate roll without compromising comfort and will be powered from either its own battery pack, or it could become the first production vehicle to be fitted with a supercapacitor. The motors rapidly turn the anti-roll bars in the opposite direction to the incline to keep the car flat and will be standard on the W12. “Next it’s about refinement and durability, so we are not yet ready and as you experienced today, we still have some things to do – but that’s the point of why we are here,” Mr Frech said. “These problems are like gold because if we find them now, the customer will not find them later and so we are happy when these problems occur at this phase,” he added. The finished, full production version has now been revealed and was recently shown at the Dubai International Motor Show, no doubt taking more orders that stretch as far back as 2012, before the first deliveries begin in the first quarter of 2016.