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Town Residential LLC (“Town”) is a licensed real estate broker and a partnership of Buttonwood Residential Brokerage LLC and Thor Equities, LLC. All property listing information, including, but not limited to, square footage, YVVT JV\U[ HUK U\TILY VM ILKYVVTZ HYL MYVT ZV\YJLZ KLLTLK YLSPHISL I\[ HYL Z\IQLJ[ [V LYYVYZ VTPZZPVUZ JOHUNLZ PU WYPJL WYPVY ZHSL VY ^P[OKYH^HS HUK ZOV\SK IL ]LYPÄLK I` `V\Y V^U H[[VYUL` HYJOP[LJ[ LUNPULLY VY aVUPUN expert. This is not intended to solicit property already listed. Real estate agents associated with Town are independent contractors and are not employees of Town. Town owns the following subsidiary real estate brokerages: Town Astor Place LLC; Town Fifth Avenue LLC; Town Flatiron LLC; Town Gramercy Park LLC (“Town Gramercy”); Town Greenwich Street LLC (“Town Financial District”); Town Greenwich Village LLC; Town Soho LLC; Town West Village LLC; and Town 79th Street LLC (“Town Upper East Side”). Our Neighborhood. Your Home. My Town TOWNRESIDENTIAL.COM TM