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2 5 9 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I T he Gulfstream G650ER extends the reach of nonstop travel and has set a new standard in performance and comfort. With a number of amenities to make life onboard comfortable and productive, the superior design of the interior allows passengers to forget they are flying near the speed of sound. When in the air, G650ER passengers are assured the healthiest and most comfortable cabin experience in the industry. The G650ER offers the largest purpose-built business jet cabin, with wider seats and extra leg room. The spacious interior is nearly 54 feet long and the cabin makes up 47 ft of the length. The G650ER is the tallest and widest in its class, with a width of 8.5 ft and a height of 6.5 ft. The interior can accommodate up to 19 passengers in up to four seating areas. The aircraft is typically configured with a crew rest area, a large galley, two lavatories and an exceptionally large baggage area. The cabin delivers a more enjoyable flight by providing 16 of the industry’s largest panoramic windows that allow natural light to pour into the cabin. The windows are more than twice the size of the windows on its closest competitor. The G650ER also has the quietest cabin sound levels, even when flying at nearly 600 miles per hour. Another feature the cabin offers is that it incorporates 100 percent fresh air and offers the lowest cabin altitude of any business jet. At a cruise altitude of 45,000 ft/13,716 meters, a G650ER cabin is pressurized to an altitude of 4,060 ft/1,237 m. That cabin altitude is almost two times lower than commercial airlines and significantly better than any non-Gulfstream aircraft in the large- cabin class. The lower the cabin altitude, the easier it is for the heart and lungs to oxygenate blood, which reduces passenger fatigue. Passengers arrive at their destination feeling well-rested and ready for what awaits.