Simply Abu Dhabi XX

2 8 8 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I The Hotel Omm is the final recommendation for a sophisticated and charming hotel with a fizzing atmosphere, slick contemporary styling and a perfectionist’s eye and finishing in all the rooms and suites. The lobby is a hive of activity and the informal Roca Bar serves a delectable range of fresh meals and playful light bites. Roca Moo is the fine dining proposition that managed by chef Juan Pretel. RocaMoo offers an innovative twist on traditional Catalan cooking and has been awarded a Michelin star for it’s amazing cuisine. Choose between sitting at a table or at the counter where you can chef and his team prepares the dishes before your eyes. With one of these options any visitor will have the perfect base from which to explore the city. The next thought is how to get around – taxis, the metro, bus-hopping? For independence and a sense of being a local, I highly recommend hiring a Vespa from trusted and established company Vesping. Head to 24 Pasaje Simó ( and the super friendly team take care of everything, from simple guidance on the brand new Vespa scooters through to easy to followGPS tours. Hop on, set the tour to go and follow the route around especially designed tours that cover the whole city. Distances that would require convoluted journeys with various tickets using public transport are done easily on the scooter, but more importantly than that – it’s the brilliant fun and you really get an authentic feel for the city.