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2 9 6 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I Reykjavík I celand is a spectacular and beguiling place. Let’s just make that clear from the start. And Reykjavík is not only the capital city – technically, it’s the only city in this very particular country. The population in and around Reykjavík is roughly 190,000 and the total population of Iceland is just shy of 330,000. And yet the country attracts nearly one million visitors per year. Last year the tourist industry performed as the nation’s strongest, outstripping the fishing industry for the first time. Indeed, international tourism has been a major contributor in Iceland’s recovery from the 2010 financial collapse. So what is everyone coming in their droves to see? Well, far too many things to list here but include magnificent waterfalls and glacier-capped volcanoes through to the spellbinding lunar landscape and unique charm of Reykjavík. The central high street Laugavegur lends itself to aimless wandering and there are enough cafés, bars, restaurants and quirky independent shops to keep entertained before taking day trips to nearby attractions.