Simply Abu Dhabi XX

3 8 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I “When Dragon racing first came to Dubai we came with a dream: to be the best, deliver the best and bring out the best. To quote the Chairman’s wife, ‘Dreams don’t have deadlines’ – which is just as well as although we still have some way to go, we have a brilliant base from which to achieve them. We have the perfect environment to realise those dreams; the favourable weather conditions after the end of the European season gives us quality race time for seven months on two world class Formula 1 circuits in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Additionally we have the best two airlines in the world, Emirates and Etihad, offering links to a massive list of countries. Our clients have found our home here easy and economical to reach, and once here they are housed in some of the best hotels and facilities in the world. Our commitment to realising the dream has been wide and deep, winning on the track, growing our team, delivering exceptional experiences, expanding our operations and making a significant contribution to the motor racing community in the UAE. During the summer, our off-season here, we focused on expanding and improving our infrastructure and facilities. We purchased a fantastic new office in the DMCC where our sales and marketing operations will continue to be based. We formed a new company, Dragon Racing International LLC, which gives Dragon the opportunity to offer a much wider range of motorsport related services; in that regard, Dragon is privileged to have as its partners H. E. Sheikh Sultan Khalid Al Qassimi and SheikhaMira Sultan Al Qassimi of Gulf Holdings through its subsidiary Cougar Investments. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with our partners.