Simply Abu Dhabi XXIX

2 9 9 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I The attraction to gifting a DVD—in addition to its value, timeless beauty and flawless appeal—is the flexibility that it offers. Hand-selected diamonds, encased in their own compact, beautiful, portable vault—a DVD disc—is a gift weighted with emotional significance. Much like a fine watch face, a DVD disc represents a loved one or memory of great meaning and value. In terms of financial value, a DVD disc (containing DVD diamonds) is hard to beat. The diamonds inside each disc are supplied at spot market price (the price a high- end retailer would pay on that day for the same quality diamonds) and will grow in value with the diamond market. Each Rand DVD is triple vetted, GIA triple excellent graded, and selected to be of the qualities most globally in demand. This ensures that the diamond’s qualities are of the correct standards and are defined accurately. DVDs possess not only superior sparkle and brilliance, but also present and future market desirability and liquidity. Suited to the modern world where tailored possessions add a thoughtful, personal touch, each DVD disc is bespoke and configured with DVDs to meet each individual’s requirements. The disc itself is crafted out of your material of choice, whether that be the standard stainless steel, platinum, non-metallic, or some other material of your choice, the whole process from beginning to end is entirely custom-built. Configured to an individual’s requirements, each diamond within a DVD disc is also gemprinted—a non-invasive process which uses light to obtain each diamond’s own unique fingerprint. This means that should a diamond be removed from a DVD disc and set in jewellery, its inherent characteristics and certification are easily determined; each diamond is easily identifiable, and its value—the then spot market price—and identity remains unaltered. Because of the standards inherent in any DVD, resale should it ever be desired is an easy process. To begin the tailoring process, simply contact Rand through the website or on phone, and one of the company principles will work with you directly to realise your definitive DVD gift. People are as different as the world around them, but DVD discs have universal appeal. Befitting of the 21st century zeitgeist, discs have both character and convenience, not to mention an aesthetic draw of their own. They can be kept for the right moment to impart as a gift or held on to for their appreciation and security. With each diamond in the disc matching its supplied certification, a DVD disc is the ultimate gift, symbolising love, providing security, and representing a gift of true worth to be cherished by those most important to you, and passed down through families and loved ones. A Defined Value Diamond is the ultimate gift of a lifetime. (1) 888 818 7552 / (int) (1) 646 669 7057