Simply Abu Dhabi XXX

1 4 5 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I Only one-third of the island is developed which means most of the land is left unspoiled, consisting of untouched rainforest and coconut plantations—full of dense flora and fauna. Guests can see some of the archipelago’s rarest animals and birds; for instance Laucala is home to the rare Orange Dove, also known as the Flame Dove for its bright orange colour as well as little red and green Parrot Finches and Kingfishers that fly through the plantations. As an idyllic romantic destination, Laucala has it all—even a tiny white chapel for weddings. Inside, beautiful solid timber pews with custom-designed carvings seat a handful of guests in the cosy and intimate setting. Alternatively, couples often opt for the beachfront venue at sunset to say ‘I do’ or renew their vows. Adjacent to our chapel is the Culture Village where local artists carve wooden sculptures, create authentic tapa (masi) art and weave baskets and mats by hand. Laucala offers guests the opportunity to learn traditional skills from local villagers, providing an authentic and genuine insight into Fijian culture. This ensures that we’re cultivating and helping the neighbouring village community in continuing our local traditions. These are also showcased in our Culture Night entertainment where a traditional Kava ceremony, singing and dancing as well as a Fijian feast featuring local food cooked in an earthen oven (lovo) takes place—an enriching experience for all guests.