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internationally known for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Riyadh and the Copenhagen Opera House—and the Icelandic architecture firm Batteríið Architects, are worth a visit. A photo moment should be taken at Solfar Sun Voyager, the massive steel structure resembling a Viking ship, or head to Árbær Open air museum to indulge in local history. For the non-thrillseekers with an urge to discover, Perlan is just as informative as it is fun and with the only inner-city ice cave and a 360degree observation deck, it will be an easy tick off of the holiday to-do list. Fairy tale food fest It is here, in Reykjavik, perhaps due to isolation of surrounding countries and influences, where the rarest of edible traditions sprout up. Reykjavik is home to about five Michelin star restaurants; the majority offering a modern cuisine, some with a creative or traditional twist. Being isolated also means scavenging was the main source to find food and with it the tradition of foraging anything edible and conserving it until needed. Luckily these scavenging habits have passed, and the Icelandic cuisine is capable to surprise and astonish as if undergoing a new-age food renaissance. Local delicacies have been upgraded to such high standards: succulent lamb chops, handmade lava salt, delicate mouthwatering chocolates, and it is surprising only Skyr—the organic, thick, soft yoghurt—has made it to the far-away mainland as an instant favourite. Just as much so, midsummer is the perfect time to taste another local delicacy, the farm-to-cone ice cream— just follow the queues! Perhaps, while history and folklore tell a different tale, the name of this fairy tale island was always meant to be referred to its homegrown sweet-treat: ice cream. WHERE TO STAY Ion Adventure Hotel About an hour away from Reykjavik, near the ‘Golden Circle’ (a popular tourist route) in the midst of heritage, flora and fauna, and as the name suggests: adventure. The Retreat at Blue Lagoon The Retreat just launched this April and with 62 suites circling the geothermal spa (an astonishing underground spa), a mineral-rich lagoon, a restaurant, the experience surely reinvents rejuvenation. 101hotel This city hotel, with its own art gallery and member of the Design Hotel group, is located in the heart of Reykjavik. Set in the most historic part of Reykjavik, this composition of Nordic coolness, elegance and refined lines makes for a perfect urban getaway.