Simply Abu Dhabi XXXI

2 8 8 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I Thecrowningof a perfectmeal. E ven at the most lavish dinner parties and events, coffee and its various accoutrements seem like somewhat of an after-thought. The focus is usually on the wine and on the tablescape, but coffee is coffee. Or is it? Once upon a time, the partaking in coffee was a special and refined ritual, but has now become fairly casual. As modern society has lost the ability to make even the smallest of experiences a luxury, tradition, for the most part, has been lost. This shift beckons just one question for those infatuated with old-world charm: can we get it back? If only we knew how. Enter Royal Coffee Maker by Royal Paris, a 24-karat gold, semi-precious syphon brewer. An objet d’art in its own right, it’s a beautiful replica of the coffee maker used by Emperor Franz Joseph, the most respected and beloved member of the Habsburg dynasty, at his legendary banquets. S IMPLY WONDERFUL