Simply Abu Dhabi XXXV

2 7 9 S I M P LY A B U DH A B I F requently overhung by clouds, rain and painted in grassland tones, we can belittle the weather conditions, however in Scotland the clouds and rainy spells add to the atmospheric scenery of this mystical landscape. The Scottish landscapes are weaving their own tartan pattern of highlands and moors dotted with grazing sheep and cattle, tempered by rugged coastlines and single-lane country roads. The landscape is diverse with rough edges and weathered moorlands. The medieval structures of curtain-wall castles and bold tower houses have given the landscape a surprise element as far as the eyes can see. Bold choices are tempered by the exposure of its wilderness and perhaps it is this, that makes Scottish estates playgrounds for daredevils in hospitality. With this in mind we are shifting gears and heading straight into the most exquisite establishments to eat well, sleep well and be well. Images: Visit Scotland