SimplyAbuDhabi XXXVII

Wake up in the PHILIPPINES Boracay Erwin Lim For updates and information on travel in the Philippines, visit Dig your feet into the whitest sand and take in the Philippines’most famoussunset.Parasails, seabirds, frisbees, and paraw cut across the technicolor horizon, while palm trees whisper in the breeze and reggae wafts through the air. Boracay remains a master mixologist of that mellow island vibe. El Nido, Palawan To say Palawan is a beach bum’s fantasy is an understatement. Sailing the length of the province from the north to the southern tip of the main island-brings you up close and personal with paradise in countless forms: from the coral-fringed dreamscapes of the Calamianes and the karst limestone formations of El Nido, to the wind-swept shorelines of central Palawan and the pristine sandbars of Balabac.