SimplyAbuDhabi XXXIX

E veryone is craving a holiday. For many of us, a weekend at a nearby beach resort will be just the thing to restore the senses. But for the intrepid traveller who dreams of exotic journeys and new experiences, we are thrilled to tell you about the ultimate adventure getaway. The inaugural ROAR AFRICA Emirates Executive Private Jet Safari is an extraordinary ‘bucket list’ travel experience designed to preserve and support Africa’s wildlife, wild spaces and communities. This is the first time that the UAE’s premier airline has partnered with a travel specialist to curate an epic journey, with an ethos rooted in humanity, targeting sustainability and conservation. This life-changing itinerary delivers 10 guests in unbridled luxury to the four iconic African destinations that offer the ultimate adventure and encounters with environmental educators and conservation change makers. Specialist guides, knowledgeable escorts and renowned leaders in a variety of fields provide thoughtful insight throughout the journey. “It has never been more important than now to curate experiences that facilitate an understanding of how the natural world works, and why and how we should help,” says Deborah Calmeyer, CEO and Founder of ultra-luxe Africa travel specialist ROAR AFRICA. To this end, ROAR have curated this strategic itinerary by working from a place of deep insight and acute understanding of Africa’s many strengths and complexities, painstakingly selecting profound destinations and intimate wildlife discoveries to reveal what must be done to ensure that Africa’s people, nature and animals survive and thrive. And knowing that time is a non-renewable resource, guests will appreciate the absolute exclusivity and unparalleled ease of travel. This authentic experience not only sets a new paradigm in ultra-luxe adventure and sustainable travel, but is a robust catalyst for change by facilitating active participation and insightful dialogue between informed, conscious travellers and local communities. ROAR’s goal is to change the philosophy and worldview of leaders, and they are deeply committed to make this is the greatest and most impactful safari experience on earth – one that will make your wildest dreams come true. Simply Abu Dhabi | 249