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SIMPLY HEALTH BY KERRY SMITH T he Kusnacht Practice, the world’s most exclusive treatment centre, has launched a brand-new Ladies Retreat - inviting women to detox, reshape and revitalise with friends in the epitome of luxury - with each group staying in their own beautiful private villa, on the banks of Lake Zurich or in Geneva. Depending on your individual goals, the Ladies Retreat can help with a range of issues such as weight management, muscle strengthening and improved sleep whilst sharpening cognitive capabilities and extending physical and mental health span. It can be particularly effective during the critical stages of a woman’s life, as physical changes, stress, balancing family and work can all take their toll. The recommended length of stay is a minimum of 2 weeks, but the duration can be adjusted to suit individual’s needs and goals. The Kusnacht Practice’s unique BIO-R® programme underpins the new Ladies Retreat programme by focusing on recalibrating the body, mind and energy through treatments that are grounded in science, restructuring the body’s biochemistry for optimal health. Simply Abu Dhabi | 223